Tie a Lasso to Talons

Warmth enveloped
Blanket over cold toes
Reddened nose
Colder fingers
I am here
Fire places of brick
Billowing smoke
From towering chimneys
You are within me
And I am still here

Sweeping tears across the floor
With a blue broom
Head on my breast
Making My tee shirt wet
And I am here
You do not see me
Through fire hydrant glasses
I too am red
So I fade into the scenery
But nonetheless I am here

“Read me your poetry”
Is one thing I cannot do
Your soul has overtaken mine
And I cannot lose this to you too
So you carry me
Nestled between broken wings
Soaring by our collections of things
And crash into distant bushes
Surrounded by dust
But you prevail

You rise from ashes
I thought I was the one from Phoenix
Take flight across starry skies
Leave night with my red
I am here
Or at least I want to be
But still, you do not see
Is it I who cannot fly?
Or you who drowns in my weight?



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