Approaching Strangers

Strong jaw

Knobby fingers

I like to draw hands

His hands would be fun to draw.

Can I draw your hands?

Or is that too weird to ask a stranger

Do You Want to have sex?

That’s better

Sex is much less intimate

Than pencil on a page

Than dance making marks on paper

Sex is much safer


It too is an art form

Or so I hear

Pleasure upon flesh

Sin to the eyes

I am the devil

Because it is easier

To open legs

Than minds and hearts and hands

A pencil touches down

In a euphoric display of moon landing

One small step for man

One giant step for me


I’m sorry

I just met you

You’re probably uncomfortable

Is it because of my drawing?

Smashing windshields with golf clubs

The turtles neck flaccid within his shell

It is my pencil that strikes

It will hit with such force

Unfathomable to the unseen

And I don’t want you to fall in love

So listen

Let’s make a deal

And just have sex



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