Existence On One Plane

Top heavy

You spin in circles of orbit

The moon sings to your spirit

Bouncing off your pale rivers

Paler eyes

Darker hair and immense dark holes

The cavern opens forward to the tune of heartbreak

I love you

Divers find octopi spraying ink

Against the fields on the horizon and the depths

Of your reality

Where all ships sink

I’ve become the ocean of ink

within the cavern

And my ship is below

You release a bellow

There’s a scream in the distance

You watch the cavern fall within yourself

I’ve been swallowed

Existence on two planes is one thing impossible

Except for you


Bouncing through fields

Sprinting and wilting and killing


Against blue skies and yellow ground

Nonchalant to what lies within

I am in a prison

Chest pumping your heart gives out

It was going to happen

The wind whispers through willows

With white wrists and wings

Wrinkled women whisk meringue

Nobody knows we are gone

You killed me. It was my prison that killed you

I think you killed you too

Nobody to blame but you

A black note in a white room

A blip in time and space we caress the seas

Existence on three planes is one thing impossible

Even for you

Header Art belongs to Andy Saczynski. Find his blog here

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