Imagine Them in Their Underwear

Newness and nudity

Exist in equal terms

For here I am transparent

On this stage

Swallowing lights, acknowledging darkness

All I can think about is my coffee

And the fact that I am naked

Unclothed, bathing in ultraviolet

For all to see


You do not know me

But I know you

I know you poets and misfits

I drew each one of you

Calculated with mechanical pencil and mind

Flowing skirts, broad chests

Soft blonde hair over crisp eyes

I know you!


Now you may know me

Examine my innards

Dissect my blazing gut

If you can see me

I have clear fairy wings against a troll’s body

No longer do I know you

Now you know me!


Header photo taken of Unique Hughley, a poet for Kansas Citiy’s Slam Ulit.

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