The Key of D

A little bit of fire

Burns in dented embers

At the end of my fingertips

They can no longer grasp

The strings of that guitar

The eyelashes in nervous ticks

Losing feeling from burning

Coal to Ashes

Leaving only a sullen char


They thought they would feel you

In their most inflamed state

Swollen and burning, smoking

But feeling had left at casual tune

At learning new chords

New beats

Singing broken struggled melodies

Just my fingers and the moon


My fingers thought

That by touching where you reside

They would feel you deeper

But they lost all feeling

In their agonizing red fire

And found in the ashes

Not you

But me

Sitting in a black urn

Holding a guitar

Finally being able to see

That when I wanted to find you

All I found

Was me


Header art belongs to David G Paul. Find his shop here

One thought on “The Key of D

  1. I’m deeply moved by the emotions that you generated through this sublime post of yours, each word of your poem imbued my heart with delight, thanks dear for sharing a wonderful post! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them 😊


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