Bottomless Windowless Heartless

It is impossible

To describe a heavy heart

Other than just that




Unlike Saturn

Taking on a form

More so like earth

And the thousands of sins

That come with that

My heart is an object that cannot float

It instead sinks into the realm

Of the unforgiving

Of the greedy

Of the sad

Yet again sinking

Until my heart reaches the bottom

Looks up on the darkness overhead

And weeps angel tears

The last that remain in spirit

Purity forfeited

Long ago

Once upon a time

Does not exist

My fingers dance on words

I find myself here

At the bottom of the trench

Deleting resemblance of purity

With swift fingers

Swifter eyes

What am I writing?

I find myself here

Writing about



Header Image belongs to Megan Chapman. Find her blog here

I will be going out of town for a week, so there will be a lack of activity. Sorry poetry bugs!





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