Nature Owes No Debt

Sleeping Bears

Nestled underneath hollow oak

Stirred awake

By mischievous squirrels

Holding ripened nuts

From bear’s hollow oak

Release their growl

And scare squirrels away


In a similar manner

Do you cast out rod

Into turbulent river

Bob surfing break

Until you get a catch

Pull in the rod

Smile at dying cod

So you may feel whole


No longer will Damsel

Lower feet of golden hair

For Prince unworthy

She shall make obtuse ladder

Climb to untouched grass

And cut the noose of hair

Prince can’t get what he wants

At expense of Princess life


Sit on swings

Holding crush’s hand

Lose synchronization

Wind past another

Back and forth, energy machine

Lose grip of small hand

Fly apart in game of height

Swing from words of hurt


In an exact manner

Do you hold me in your arms

With intoxicating touch

Malice escaping parted lips

Tears unnoticed by venomous viper

Wrapping boa like wrapping arms

I cannot escape straight jacket

But I do not owe you anything


Do you understand that?

Not I or anyone owes you

Not a penny or compliment

Bear after squirrel in just

Fish fear the eyes of you

Princess denies prince lust

Magic machines of parting way

Vipers and boas deserve nothing from me


Header Art Belongs to Mary Maxam. Find her website here

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