Wasted Goodbye

And this last time that I’ll see you

Isn’t how I wanted it

Stone cold

On silver patios

Hair messy against a pull out couch

I loved you

More than I have ever loved myself

You took me to Disneyland

The happiest place on earth

That is now the saddest


If this is the last time

That I’ll see you

I’m hoping this will be your last poem

The last song I write

And picture I draw

Painted black by your encompassing energy

If this is the last time you ever

Appear in my life

I want to thank you

And curse you

For being horrible and selfish

And never loving me back


If this is the last time I see you

Let this be my last rhyme

As I think all the time

Of your sad green eyes

Of your music store cries

The passionate tries

Your hands have led you to

Let me move on

Let you sail away

Or never leave my side

Dock in my open waters

Or crash into the deepest blue


I thank you

And I curse you

For existing

As more than me

As more than my life


Header image belongs to Thomas Saliot. Find his website here

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