Goodnight and Forget


You’re just going to forget

And all the Drugs and the Sex

The permeating little Voices

The gentle touch of someone

Who truly loves you

Will feel so distant

in sun-kissed breezes

and rocking boats

because you’ve been in love since Then

even if you haven’t been loved back

because you’ve been taken advantage of

And maybe you took some, too

Harvest was not fruitful this year

But it had been in the past



You have been both Tree and Gatherer

Livestock to slaughter

Butcher covered in blood

You give and give

‘oh woe is to me’

so you take and take

use and abuse

the people you thought you loved

And oh god

its been so long

since you felt the touch of a man

that saw you as more than

Legs and Breast and Sex

So you touched back in the same

Whispering Way

A dab- a poke

A soft sexual touch on skin scorched and bloody

Bloody by your touch

Bloody because you have been mutilated

And want others to feel what you feel

Your mission for sympathy

resulting in painful empathy

You give and give

and stop

You take and take

and take and take

But the bottomless heart

consumes in fizzled out embers

forever the space which remains empty


But you forget

You will

The touches, the sounds

the radiating force and Pain

All that is good and bad

will feel so distant

Under the gracious hand of a ticking clock

Because that’s how you’ll sleep at night

After all you’ve done

All you’ve had

All you’ve lost

All you’ve given

All you’ve taken

The only way to live

Under such heavy dissonance

Is to move

Is to Forget


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