IMG_4999 copyMy name is Brenna Camping, I’m a second year creative writing major with a studio art minor. What a power couple those two make… I’m sure my liberal arts BA will be a recipe for eternal studio apartment dwelling. A wise man once told me not to follow my passions so I turned around and did exactly what he told me not to do. Here I am wishing on stars and writing whatever comes to mind, exploring my mediocre musical abilities, and drawing strangers in your local coffee shops.

About This Blog

This blog functions as an archive for my poetry and short stories. I may also post occasional nonfiction articles since I always have hard opinions on things. I will try to regularly post updates on my musical journey, art pieces I’m proud of, and original weekly prompts. If you want to show me anything you’re writing, please do! I’d love to look over your work and develop a relationship among other writers. Whenever I post anything on this site, I accept and encourage critiques on my work. Don’t be afraid to say something bad! Welcome to Never Composed, my blog where I show you the exact length in which I am never composed. I hope you enjoy my content!



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